March 20, 2015 Stephen Jeter

filming in Jericho

IMG_0823   IMG_0470 - edited

Had an amazing day filming an excursion to Jericho with the girls from the Peace Center this last week.  We went up to the Mt. of Temptation in cable cars, rode camels, had a picnic lunch in the park and even went on a pirate ship swing and other amusement park rides.  There were great opportunities to document the different ways in which these visually impaired girls took in all of these experiences.  At times I was the one having trouble keeping up with the group…

Details such as the moving sensation of a cable car, the sound of the wind on the mountain, or touching the side of a camel will hopefully help tell the story of the way these girls experience their environment, and represent their potential to appreciate experiences that we might otherwise assume are mostly dependent on sight.   These trips are one of the many ways in which Ms. Lydia helps expand the limited world the girls often live in.  Looking forward to the next trip, possibly either a boat ride in Jaffa or a petting zoo in Qalqilya.